Repair Your Two-Wheeler From The Authorized Service Center & Make Your Ride More Adventurous
Wheel was the greatest invention in the history of mankind. It provided mobility to humans and since then we haven’t looked back” someone once casually remarked. And it is quite true. Even in our lives wheels play an irreplaceable role. Our graduation from tricycle to bicycle and then to a scooter or a motorbike is always a matter of joy and pride. This pride and joy with two-wheelers notwithstanding, Delhi is not an easy city for a two-wheeler.

There are various, mundane ways to get killed for a motorcycle rider:-

  • Car owners don’t think a motorbike has a right to be on the road
  • The racing buses leave you trembling in their wake
  • If you still survive this, the pollution, the sun and the cold will surely get you
This danger (and admonition from numerous worried parents) has not discouraged a lot of us who have, nevertheless, gone ahead and bought that motorbike we always wanted to own and ride. We may not ride it to the office, but we take it out on weekends. We may not have been able to go for that long planned Leh-Manali trip but a trip to the nearest Kirana store is always a delight (and so much more convenient than a car).

The downside of this “weekend ride” is that a lot of us forget to take proper care of the motorcycle. As the motorcycle/scooter is not even running for 100-200km per month, we keep postponing the regular service and quite often this results in serious damage to the motorcycle. Let’s face it. Going to the service station is not the most exciting option for a weekend morning, especially since you have to get there early if you want your bike back the same day. Customer convenience is surely not one of the goals these authorized service workshops aim for. The unauthorized, independent workshops are not a viable option either because of the lack of trust: You are never sure of what parts will go in and what will be the quality of work.

ZapWheels aims to address this by providing a viable alternative to authorized service workshops. At ZapWheels, customer convenience takes precedence over everything else. The service is provided at the customer doorstep and only if required, the Bike/Scooter Repair Service is brought back to the workshop. ZapWheels employs only trained technicians so you do not have to worry about the competence of the technicians. Technicians carry only genuine parts and open the seal at the customer’s premises. With all this on offer, now you do not have an excuse for not getting your beloved motorcycle/scooter serviced as per the schedule. You carry on with your work or leisure and we do the work to keep your motorbike in pristine condition. You can count on us.


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